Haj Noori Al Handal hosts the charity Iftar banquet in Dubai

As usual, every year, the Iraqi Charity man and head of Al Handal family Haj Noori Al Handal hosts an Iftar banquet for those who are in poverty, needy and bystanders in celebration of the holy month of Ramadan.

The Iftar Banquet is an annual tradition provided by Haj Noori not only in Dubai but also in Iraq and some other countries.

It aimed at strengthening the cordial and fraternal relationships among the people and to enhance the message of Islam, which encourages charity towards those who are in poverty.

The Iftar banquet that is extended along the holly month has a role in extending bridges and improving the relations between people.

It is worth mentioning Haj Noori Al Handal attended the first day of Iftar banquet and distributed meals on people.

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