Chairman Wadeea Al Handal honored by the Iraqi Central Bank at the 3rd Annual Conference

The Iraqi Private Banks League (IPBL) represented by its Chairman Eng. Wadeea Al Handal participated in the third annual conference of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) under the patronage of CBI Governor Dr. Ali Mohsen Al Alaq. The conference with the theme “The role of the CBI in achieving financial and economic stability” was held on the 9th & 10th December 2017.

The aim of the conference was to strengthen the relationship between the tools of monetary policy, macro-economic variables and enhance the role of the financial sector through discussing several axes and topics. Notably, the sustainability of public debt and financial stability in Iraq and achieve the process of financial inclusion and performance of banks and mechanisms to stimulate the financial sector through monetary policy tools and highlight financial merit for the banking sector.

Eng. Wadeea Al Handal, Chairman of the IPBL, Mr. Ali Tariq, Executive Director of IPBL and Mr. Samir Al Nusairi, Advisor to IPBL were later honored by the CBI for their efforts focused in the Iraqi banking sector.


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