Al Handal International Group honors the orphans children and widows of Iraq

Noor Ala Noor Charity Association, in cooperation with Ashur international bank of Al Handal international Group (AIG), launched this week a recreational ceremony for orphans and widows in Baghdad.

The celebration comes in the lines with the directives and the humanitarian and social role of Al Handal International Group in support of children and orphans and widows in Iraq.

It is worth mentioning that the Noor Ala Noor is the platform of charity for Al Handal International Group where it was founded to support all Iraqis.

The celebration included a comedy show for the Iraqi comedian artist Majid Yassin where his shows attracted the children and expressed their happiness.

On the other hand, the initiative of the Noor Ala Noor Charity Association was acclaimed by the children and their parents where they enjoyed by the games.

At the end of the celebration, the children and their families have been received presents on the side of the occasion.

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